October 8, 2015

NBK Capital Partners has successfully completed the sale of its equity investment in Kiliç Deniz

Headquartered in Bodrum, Turkey, Kiliç Deniz is the largest aquaculture company in the Mediterranean region, specializing in sea water (sea bream, sea bass, and blue-fin tuna) and fresh water (trout) fish production. It is also the largest global player in the bream and bass category with vertically integrated operations that can effectively execute all phases of fish farming including incubation, harvesting, processing, and fish-feed production.

Yaser Moustafa, Senior Managing Director, NBK Capital Partners stated, “In a pioneering move, NBK Capital Partners was one of the first private equity firms to invest in the fast growing Mediterranean aquaculture space. Over the last 5 years, we worked closely with company management to build a truly global and fully integrated player with a strong balance sheet and industry leading profit margins.”

This is the sixth realization out of eight investments for NBK Capital Equity Partners Fund I, NBK Capital Partners’ inaugural private equity fund, and is another milestone that underlines the firm’s robust business model of private equity investments across the MENA region.

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