Private Equity

Private Equity is the flagship strategy of NBK Capital Partners. In 2006, we launched an inaugural US$ 250 million NBK Capital Equity Partners Fund I and subsequently made 8 investments primarily in the consumer-driven sectors in the GCC region and Turkey. in 2013, NBK Capital Partners has raised its second-generation private equity fund with US$ 310.1 million in capital commitments and subsequently made 9 investments, including 2 bolt-on acquisitions.

Our private equity track record to-date includes 21 investments and 9 realizations across 3 fund vehicles.

Our Approach

At NBK Capital Partners Private Equity, we partner with business owners and management teams to create, implement and reap the benefits of smart business strategies.

Company Characteristics

Businesses headquartered in the GCC, Turkey, the Levant and North Africa

Current year EBITDA of at least $5 million and up to $25 million; no minimum for add-on acquisitions

Transition planning for private or family businesses

Organic, acquisition, or market-driven growth potential that requires additional capital

History of consistent earnings and potential to grow revenue, earnings and free cash flow over time

Differentiated and diversified products or services

Investment Profile

Invest $20 and up to $60 million of equity for control or significant minority position; Additionally, with our limited partners and other co-investors, we can deploy more capital in a single investment

We invest to support the following types of transactions:

Purchases of family-owned businesses

Growth capital for organic growth initiatives such as new product extensions and capital investment projects

Growth capital for industry consolidations and buy-and-build situations

Buyout of shareholders

Our investments

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Private Equity
The flagship strategy of NBK Capital Partners
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