May 31, 2011

NBK Capital organizes seminar on Mezzanine Financing

Kuwait – NBK Capital organized a seminar last week entitled “Mezzanine Financing – A Regional Financing Solution” at the JW Marriott. The seminar focused on the key benefits of mezzanine financing and its uses in various situations. The session was presented by NBK Capital’s Alternative Investments team and by the international law firm, King &Spalding. The audience consisted of top leaders from the business and legal community.

The event was part of the “NBK Capital Seminar Series”, which is an ongoing private event where thought leaders from the financial industry share insights, knowledge and innovation with interested professionals and investors across the region. This is the fourth installment of the series following highly successful events in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Amjad Ahmad, Senior Managing Director of Alternative Investments, opened the session with a detailed explanation of mezzanine financing and its key components. Faisal Al-Hamad and Walid Cherif, Executive Directors – Alternative Investments , presented several case studies to highlight the different structures utilized to achieve shareholder and company goals. The final session of the day was presented by Jawad Ali, Office Managing Partner – King & Spalding, in which he addressed the major legal and structuring considerations of mezzanine financing in Kuwait.

These seminars are part of NBK Capital’s continuing effort to maintain an open dialogue with the business community and to provide a platform for discussion and debate on key business issues.

NBK Capital Mezzanine Fund I, managed by NBK Capital as part of the Alternative Investments Group, is a $160 million fund focusing on mezzanine financing for companies in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey with the objective of providing growth and expansion capital. The fund has provided growth and expansion financing for companies in several sectors including education, logistics, utilities, food and healthcare.

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