January 19, 2011

NBK Capital makes investment in Newton Schools

NBK Capital announced today that it has successfully completed an investment in Arabian Establishment for Educational Development LLC (Newton Schools), an education company based in Qatar. This investment was made through the NBK Capital Equity Partners Fund I, the firm’s flagship regional private equity fund focusing on providing growth capital to businesses in Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Jabr Al-Noaimi and Ms. Afaf Al-Moadhadi, Newton Schools is a private school operator with five campuses in Doha, Qatar. The Company offers the foundation stage, primary and secondary education under the National Curriculum for England & Wales (the British curriculum.)

Amjad Ahmad, Senior Managing Director at NBK Capital stated, “The founders have established one of the best education platforms in Qatar with a relentless focus on quality. With the rapid local and expatriate population growth and continued government investment in the sector, we look to contribute to expanding quality education to more students in Qatar.”

Dr. Jabr Al-Noaimi, Chairman of Newton Schools, stated “We look forward to implementing our long term strategies with NBK Capital as part of our team. Their active ownership approach, along with their strategic and financial expertise will help us achieve our goals successfully.” Ms Afaf Al-Moadhadi, CEO of Newton Schools, added, “Our partnership with a proficient company like NBK Capital who is genuinely interested in education goes to emphasize our deep commitment to our multi-cultural society and to the continuous improvement of Newton Schools.”

NBK Capital Equity Partners Fund, managed by NBK Capital as part of its Alternative Investments Group, is a USD250 million private equity fund that specializes in acquiring strategic stakes in companies in Middle East, North Africa and Turkey with the objective of providing growth and expansion capital. The Fund implements an active investment approach to create long-term sustainable value through financial, strategic, operating and corporate governance enhancements.

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