May 23, 2013

NBK Capital completes successful exit of Dunya Goz, Turkey’s largest ophthalmology hospital chain

NBK Capital Equity Partners Fund I have announced in the press the successful sale of its equity stake in Dunya Goz, Turkey’s largest ophthalmology hospital chain, to the founding shareholder. This is yet another realization for the fund, the firm’s regional private equity fund focusing on growth capital opportunities in the MENA region.

The investment in Dunya Goz was executed in 2010 and was instrumental in improving the financial discipline, strategic focus and corporate governance of the Company. These efforts allowed Dunya Goz to achieve long-term growth objectives expanding from six hospitals in four cities to eleven hospitals in eight cities. Additionally, the Company entered new international markets with successful operations in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Amjad Ahmad, Head of Alternative Investments commented, “We continue to drive substantial value in our portfolio companies and seek timely realizations to deliver returns to investors. Our strategy of investing in midmarket growth companies in the MENA region and actively driving key value initiatives continues to deliver positive results.”

NBK Capital Equity Partners Fund I, is part of the Alternative Investments Group, and is a USD 250 million private equity fund that specializes in acquiring strategic stakes in midmarket growth companies in the MENA region. NBK Capital implements an active investment approach to create long-term sustainable value through strategic, operating, financial and corporate governance enhancements.

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