Since our inception, we have successfully invested equity capital across a wide range of opportunities. Our investment strategy encompasses the following key parameters:

Sector Focus

We invest in a broad range of sectors, with a particular focus on:

  • Consumer discretionary
  • Consumer staples
  • Education
  • Healthcare
Company Characteristics
  • Businesses headquartered in the GCC, Turkey, the Levant and North Africa
  • Current year EBITDA of at least USD 5 million and up to USD 25 million; no minimum for add-on acquisitions
  • Transition planning for private or family businesses
  • Organic, acquisition, or market-driven growth potential that requires additional capital
  • History of consistent earnings and potential to grow revenue, earnings and free cash flow over time
  • Differentiated and diversified products or services
Investment Profile
  • Invest USD 20 and up to USD 60 million of equity for control or significant minority position; Additionally, with our limited partners and other co-investors, we can deploy more capital in a single investment
  • We invest to support the following types of transactions:
    • Purchases of family-owned businesses
    • Growth capital for organic growth initiatives such as new product extensions and capital investment projects
    • Growth capital for industry consolidations and buy-and-build situations
    • Buyout of shareholders
  • All our investments are through funds established in offshore jurisdictions